The technological development has been tremendous in past years where the computers nowadays are in different shapes and sizes. It will keep everyone connected with the digital system and keep us connected in the technological world at any given time. Keeping your computer in top condition will lengthen the lifespan. Here are few essential tips that will enhance your computer along with making it used for more years and sleek appeal:

Padding should be used while protecting.

Bumps cause some unsightly cosmetic dings, drops, and slips that can leave your computer less than loved, and it has been the case for everyone. People carry their pc while travelling and if you are one among them, then safeguarding against accidents will be like an impossible task when packing up your pc. A protective case should be the first step while shielding your pc against all the elements.


Add stickers

Stickering with full-body stickers will best protect the outer body from scratches or any light damages.


Cover the laptop using plastic, polycarbonate, or rubberised hard shell laptop covers that will help protect the pc.


Soft, simple, soft materials like polyester, microfiber, nylon, or suede help your pc by providing lightweight protection.

Updating OS

When looking at making essential maintenance for the pc, one must keep their pc up to date. It doesn’t matter if the pc is of windows, Linus loyalist, or Mac; updating your pc when there is a new patch available will ensure your pc to stay at the max performance. There are automatic scans that occur in the background and will always notify when any new essential software or OS patches must be made. The final goal is to keep your pc performance-optimized and get updated suggestions from windows.

Avoid overcharging

Even when there are wireless charging devices, battery power should be optimised. It should be our priority among many if there is a resistance to the temptation of plugging in the charger when the pc falls under 50% battery.

Unnecessary overcharging may lead to regenerative capability deterioration. This will affect the pc to run for less time when compared to earlier days. Unplugging your pc when it reaches 100% will avoid bad battery fate, and try not to plug in until the power is meagre.

Remove the junk files.

Computers show their best in number when there are no unused files on their hard drives. When there are no junk or useless files, there will be enough space in the computer to enhance the system and make it run smoothly. Removing cache from web pages, emptying recycle bin, deleting temporary and useless files, and running disk cleanup software are some things that could be done to free the system from junk.